TENDER NOTICE

         Sealed “tenders  i.e. (i) Technical Bids and (ii) Financial Bids are invited from experienced Service Providers/Contractors  having vast experience in the field of repairs & maintenance of Computer Hardware & its Peripherals for "Comprehensive" Annual Maintenance Contract (for the sake of brevity called as "Comprehensive  A.M.C.") of Computers System in the Central Excise Commissionerate, Mumbai-V, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051.

        The Annual Maintenance work will comprise of maintenance of Personal Computers, U.P.S., Scanners, Servers and Printers  etc. at  Commissionerate HQ. Bandra, its Divisional offices at Andheri  and Goregaon and their Range offices. 

        The details of “terms & conditions” of A.M.C. are available on “ which may be downloaded from website or   may be  obtained free of cost from the Supdt. Computers of this office. 

        Bidders are requested to submit their Sealed Tenders i.e. (i) Technical Bids and (ii) Financial Bids separately for the A M C and put into the Tender Box kept in this office on or before 16.00 Hrs. on 08.05.2006 which will be opened on 09.05.2006 at 16.00 Hrs.                                      

                                                             Commissioner, Central Excise,






Name of the firm



Details of Technical Staff with qualification and experienace .









Whether the contractor  firm has at least 2 years work experience in Govt. Department (at least two departments in Mumbai) No/Yes, If Yes Proof shall be attached.

 Whether the contractor firm has  Unix/Linux based system (Yes/No). If, Yes, also proof shall be attached.



Clientele details in Mumbai client wise.








Whether the contractor  firm is an Income Tax Assesses (Yes/No), copy of latest assessment certificate shall be enclosed.

Service Tax Registration  No. (Yes/No). copy of Service Tax Registration and latest assessment certificate shall be enclosed





Maintenance of Personal Computers, U.P.S. Scanners, Servicers and   Printers.:-

!)              Personal computes, P.II/III/IV,                             = 96

2)             U..P.S.,                                                                   =   6

3)             Printers,                                                                 = 84

4)             Scanner, and                                                          =  4

5)             Servers                                                                   =  6




1)     Maintenance services shall consist of preventive & corrective maintenance of computers system hardware, An expert Engineer/s (Hardware/Software) of the contractor firm will visit Central Excise Commissionerate Mumbai.V office on daily basis for setting right all computers system in smooth working condition..










2)                Maintenance services shall be provided during normal working hours of Central Excise Commissionerate, Mumbai.V i.e. from 09.30 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs. Divisional & Range offices are located at following offices. 

1 & 2)        Andheri & Goregaon Divisions at Jain Mahavir Vidyalaya, Juhu lane,

                  Andheri, (West) Bombai.4000 058 etc.

3)            Range No.1 Andheri Division at M/s.Golden Tobacco Ltd. Vile Parle

                  (West), Mumbai. 400 056..

4), 5) & 6) Malad, Kandivali & Borivali Divisions at “Takshashila”, Goregaon

                   (East) Near Railway Station, Mumbai.400 063. etc.

7) & 8)      Range No.1 (Auto Division) & Range  No.2 (Tractor Division) of

                  Malad Division at M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra, Kandivali (East), Mumbai.

9)                                Range situated  at M/s.Associated Capsules, Charkop, Govt. Ind. Estate, Kandivali (W), Mumbai.400 067

10)                            Range No.1 at M/s. Xpro (I) Ltd., Poisor Bridge, BEST Deport, Kandivali (West), Mumbai.400067

11)                            Range No.2 of Borivali Division at M/s. Special Steel, Ltd.Borivali (East), Mumbai.

12)                            T.A.R. office situated at Mumbai Gariage, Chowpaty, Mumbai.7.

  Services are  not required  to be executed on Saturday/Sunday and Holidays.

 3)        No replacement & repairing charges for the parts are covered under the A.M.C. shall be made.

4)                  Maintenance contract will be effective from the date of signing the contract  and furnishing of Bank Guaranteee  will be valid for one year.

5)                  If the services are not found satisfactory during A.M.C. tenure, the contract can be terminated by giving one month’s notice to the A.M.C. Service provider/contractor..

6)      Payment of the A.M.C. will be made on  quarterly basis after  completion of the quarter .

7)      The A.M.C. service provider/contractor firm shall attend the complaints immediately to rectify the computer system and machines and put/make them in working conditions..

8)      The A.M.C. Contractor/Firm  shall provide general software but any special, specific and developed software will be paid extra.

9)      Response time of a call should be within 24 hours and in case of any failure to respond within the stipulated time, a  penalty (as per details given below) shall be imposed which will be deducted from the payment of the quarters of the A.M.C. contractor firm. However the penalty clause will not be applicable if a stand-by system/computer peripheral is provided by the contractor firm. 

The contractor firm  shall submit a Bank Guarantee to the value of 40% of the total annual contract value, which shall be forfeited by the department, if they are not able to provide fault clearance in time or if overall downtime of the computer systems exceeds 30 days in an annual contract.  50% of the bank guarantee amount (or 20% of A.M.C. value) will be forfeited if the downtime of a computer peripherals like printer/scanner/tape drive exceeds 30 days in an Annual Contract.






Table of reference for Penalty:-


Type of Computer/Equipment

Suggested downtime penalty.


Server Computers.

Rs.1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) after 2 days for every day/part thereof.


All client computers (General use) 

Rs.100/- per day.


All other Printers

Rs.100/- per day.


Parts of computer failures will betreated as Computer Failure

Same as computers.


If equivalent standby is given within 2 days DOWNTIME IS NIL

 NIL Penalty


Downtime plus  > 30 days for mission Critical  Servers/computers/peripherals

50% of Bank Guarantee or higher.

  10. Contractor Firm should have a proper complaint – call – registration procedure, follow-up etc. and provide traceability of all complaints from registration to call clearance, Contractor firm shall issue a customer service slip after every service visit, clearly indicating the time of call by the user Department, time of attendance of the fault by the A.M.C. holder, nature of fault observed and whether cleared or not, if under further observation, then whether normal usage can be continued ?, and details of subsequent visit after 2 days of observation, closure of call, clearance of fault and any other relevant information.

11. At the end of the A.M.C. – contract period, both the user and A.M.C. holder shall certify separately that the computer systems related Electronic Devices are in satisfactory working condition and that no faults or complaints are pending.


12.   A.M.C. Excludes Clause”. A.M.C. will not include computer stationery like paper/ribbons/laser Printer toners/inkjet & tape cartridges. However, comprehensive A.M.C. includes all plastic items, knobs movable/rotational parts necessary for normal operation of the original equipment excluding only the stationary items like tapes, ribbons, toners etc.

13.   Being a "comprehensive contract", all liabilities arising out of any fault/replacement of any     parts etc. will be borne by the Contractor firm, if not mentioned separately otherwise.

14.        In case the service is not found satisfactory, this office will terminate the contract on its own and inform the Contractor Firm accordingly.

15.       Virus protection (Software)  will be provided by Contractor firm.

16.       The amount of A.M..C, includes Service Tax and other taxes by the Contractor Firm..  


17.       In case bidder desires inspection of the computers and its peripherals prior to submission of tender he may  inspect the same after taking requisite permission of concerned Assistant Commissioner on working days at his own cost.

18.              Please note that your tenders along with inspection reports received in this office after 16.00 Hrs. on 08.05.2006 shall not be considered.

20.       The A.M.C. requirement includes replacement of all metal & plastic parts except consumable.

21.             Knowledge of UnixWare & Linux is a prerequisite for the A.M.C.





22.             Service as per the A.M.C. to be provided by the Service provider:-

(I) Scheduled Preventive maintenance (PM) at least once in three months as follows:-

(i)                  Cleaning of the Computer & all peripherals.

(ii)                Cleaning of all the electrical contacts (associated with computers)

(iii)               Checking of all D.C.Voltages (associated with computers)

(iv)              Oiling & greasing of mechanical parts if necessary.

(v)                Cleaning & alignment of Floppy drive head

Unscheduled, on-call corrective & remedial maintenance services to set right malfunctions of the system.. This includes replacement of unserviceable parts/peripherals. The parts replaced will either be new parts or equivalent in performance to new parts. Whether a defective item or components is to be replaced or repaired shall be at the sole discretion of the service provider/contractor firm. Device driver under UnixWare/Linux is a part of the hardware. Any problem related to device driver shall have to be attended by the service provider/contractor firm..

23.              Any attempts to canvass/deliberate on the issue in any manner shall render the tender liable to rejection of their quotations.

24.              One Engineer needs to be stationed at Commissionerate HQ at Bandra (East), Mumbai.400051 and other for the rest of the offices of the Central Excise,Mumbai.V Commissionerate offices..

25.             Tender amount for Annual Maintenance Contract will be inclusive of Service Tax & other Taxes if any.

26.       Any tender received without adhering to the terms and conditions and/or incorporating contrary to any conditions shall be liable to be rejected summarily. 


27.             Tender should accompanied Bid Security amount Rs.14,000/- (Rupees fourteen thousand only) by banker's cheque in the name of the Commissioner,Central Excise, Mumbai.V Commissioinerate clearly subcribing "bid security" amount (Earnest Money).



                                                                              COMMISSIONER,CENTRAL EXCISE,                                                         
















D/retender 25.04.2006